I’ve been seeing Dr. Leder periodically since 2005. The reason I say “periodically,” is because within one to three treatments, my problem goes away. Tip: the best thing to do after a treatment is go home and take a long nap (or just go to bed for the evening). The next day, you’ll feel like a new person. — KKL (RateMDs.com)


In mid-2013, my back went out so badly that I could hardly walk. As I never went to a chiropractor before, my wife had to force me to see Dr. Leder. While I was in total pain, she drove me to his Manhattan office. Every time our car stopped and restarted, I thought I’d die! I leaned on two trekking poles to make my way to his office and even with them, I could hardly walk. Amazingly, after Dr. Leder worked on me for an hour, I sat up, walked out of his office normally, and didn’t need the trekking poles to get back to the car. By the next day, I felt normal. — PJL (Docstoc.com)


I live in Washington, DC and travel all the way to NYC to see Dr. Leder. That’s how good he is. Dr. Leder is a highly skilled and compassionate chiropractor who uses a technique called DNFT (directional non-force technique). He is persistent with getting to the root cause of the problems, no matter how challenging. He treats each patient as if you are his only concern, spending whatever time is necessary to treat you. He really listens to you (which is very refreshing in a doctor), communicates what he is doing, and follows up to make sure you continue to feel well. He’s one in a million! (Yelp.com)

Shawna H

When I first came to Dr. Leder, I did not smile. He later told me that he had initially wondered if it was perhaps that I was nervous. Nope. It turns out that my body needed (his) expert work to a degree sufficient to make me have a somewhat frozen face! Needless to say that I smile a lot now, mostly because of his caring, expert DNFT chiropractic work. I urge you to call/text him as soon as you can! I’m happy to be inhabiting a body cared for & maintained by Dr. Leder! Why wait any longer than you have to, to feel better than you do, right now? The DNFT technique is great & trauma free, he loves what he does, keeps current w/his continuing education, he has great hands, & a Caring Heart. What’s not to like? 🙂 (RateMDs.com)

Rob K., NYC

His DNFT technique is amazing and effective. Dr. Leder fixes me fast and it lasts. He is not pushy about multiple, follow-up visits. I know when I need to come back in. My body lets me know. No snapping. No cracking. Just try it! (Google.com)

Brigit L., Philadelphia, PA

I highly recommend the modality of DNFT and Dr. Leder. He provides a solution rather than a treatment of symptoms.  Dr. Leder caringly-but-quickly fixed my back problems. He did not require multiple, extra visits. His techniques are very efficient!  I’ve rated him a 5! (Yelp.com)

Martin H., New Hampshire

I was traveling non stop for two weeks and when I made it to New York my lower back pain was really taking a toll on me. Dr. Leder made time for me to get a double session, and when I got off the table I never felt better and the treatment was completely painless. Dr. Leder is the best! Highly gifted. DNFT is GREAT! No snap-pop! Excellent nutritional advice! Very personable & fabulous doctor-manger! Highly recommend! (RateMDs.com)

Carol W., NYC

I have been a patient of Dr. Leder for over 15 years. He is very caring, and takes the time to make sure he addresses all my health issues. He rid me of neck pain that other practitioners (and physical therapy) were not able to do. He has realigned my jaw after dental work, and my feet after high-heel and dance abuse. Be prepared to wait if the patient before you requires a little extra attention, but know that if you should also need some extra time he will make sure you get it. I have been to other chiros who give you half an hour, and send you out whether you are still in pain or not. Dr. Leder is worth the wait. (Yelp.com)

Carl T., NYC

I saw Dr. Leder after one of many, martial arts injuries…and left feeling really relaxed and much better after one session! I really like the DNFT technique as it involves only a gentle thumb thrust and no cracking so you don’t leave feeling “raw.” Dr. Mark has great hands and a lot of knowledge…highly recommend! (Docstoc.com)


Dr. Leder is not only a great person but a phenomenal chiropractor! The non-force technique that he utilizes is highly effective and non-threatening. He is unusually intelligent, compassionate, sensitive, and willing to spend a great deal of time to find a solution to whatever problem – both chiropractic and nutritional – that you present to him. I recommend Dr. Leder without hesitation. He is a gem! (Yelp.com)

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