Office Visit in New York City

Roll your heavy stuff

Be sure to treat your body gently while in transit to and from Dr. Leder’s office.


Carrying backpacks, gym bags, briefcases, heavy purses, and/or shopping bags on your shoulders can hurt you prior to your arrival and undo the good of your treatment.  We recommend using a  wheeled-cart to roll your heavy stuff.

Definitely use a cane if you feel even the slightest need for extra stability.  There’s a reason for the adage, “Pride goeth before the fall!”  We recommend owning a folding cane or collapsible trekking poles which are light-weight, store easily, and can be carried unobtrusively when no longer needed (such as after a treatment).

Going Home

You will definitely feel better after your visit to Dr. Leder!  The treatment and how good you’ll feel are the beginning of your healing process.

If possible, plan on relaxing after your session rather than going to the gym or grocery shopping as, even if you feel great, your body is still responding to DNFT adjustments. If you don’t give yourself time to relax after treatment, you could feel a little sore and, possibly, further aggravate your body.

The Next Day or So . . .

A highly productive adjustment corrects problems that have developed over a long period of time and, sometimes, can make you feel sleepy. We encourage you to lay down when you get home, if this is your experience, and continue to relax if you feel tired the next day.  Be gentle with your body for a day or two.  Rest always aids healing.

Be aware to analyze your movements, such as those you make when sitting, standing, walking, and leaning. Observing what may cause and/or contribute to your problems will yield more healthful living.

Fine Tuning

By observing the tissue-deep nature of your problem and your behaviors, Dr. Leder will help you identify how to move correctly. Upon request, he will also make suggestions for diet and nutritional supplements.

Consider bringing to your session(s) photos or videos of you in positions that you think might be causing problems. Visual examples of how you move in a chair or walk with heavy items, for example, may reveal answers to speed your recovery.

Good Patient Policy

Please be considerate to be on time to appointments and to contact Dr. Leder ASAP if you are unable to keep an appointment. Someone may be able to gain relief in the time that you forfeit.

Cart illustration by Karen Little

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