About Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark Leder

Dr. Mark Leder (“Dr. Mark”) practices a chiropractic method called Directional Non-force Technique® (DNFT).

DNFT is the original low force, chiropractic method —  no cracking, snapping or popping. It is gentle enough for adults and babies and works equally well for both.  Dr. Mark has even performed DNFT to benefit dogs!

DNFT provides maximum, long-lasting relief safely and effectively. Most of Dr. Mark’s  patients find relief in just a few visits. Many are satisfied with just one!

Having practiced DNFT exclusively since 1989, Dr. Leder takes great pride in being able to correct difficult and complex cases in a minimal number of visits. This allows you to save time and money in your quest for relief!

For more information about DNFT, visit NonForce.com.

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