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Ken Wolf, Creator of The Lean Technique

Ken Wolf - The Lean Technique

Ken Wolf, creator of The Lean Technique

The Lean Technique was created and developed over 25 years by Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Yoga Instructor, and Certified Hypnotherapist Ken Wolf. The Lean Technique, a combination of Yoga, Pilates and functional strength training, is a simple system to get strong, lean and flexible without killing yourself in the process. It is simple, safe and effective.

Since 1988, Ken Wolf and The Lean Technique have helped individuals transform their bodies and their lives in Westchester and New York City with classes, one-on-one training and Hypnosis for weight loss and more. He has held Weight Loss seminars in Westchester and New York City, and spoken to a myriad of organizations on Fitness, Weight Low and more.

He has taught Yoga, Spinning, Core Training, and Body Sculpting classes for over 25 years in Purchase, and West Harrison, NY and helped hundreds of individuals to achieve their fitness goals.

Transforming your body is NOT about how much pain you can put yourself through. It is about moderate and consistent specific effort, combined with an impassioned vision of the changes you need to make.

Taking moderate, consistent, specific effort towards your goals everyday will absolutely create the changes you need to make.

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