Yoga. Training. Weight Loss Counseling.


It’s time to make a change.



We offer Yoga designed specifically for your individual needs. Not all yoga postures are good for everyone, and we will design and implement a safe, balanced and fun Yoga practice made specifically for you so you can be more flexible, stronger and feel better.

Personal Training

We offer unique Personal Training so that you can finally achieve your fitness and health goals.

We will develop a safe, effective and fun personalized program designed just for you and then MAKE SURE you do the work.

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

We offer a comprehensive Weight Loss Hypnosis program so that you can finally make that inner shift that will let you finally lose weight. Each series of sessions is designed to help you let go of unproductive behaviors and create some new productive habits so that you can finally lose the weight and keep it oft

Weight Loss Counseling

Have you been struggling to lose weight for years? Do you lose weight and only to gain it back and more? We will support you in finally losing weight and keeping it off with counseling for emotional eating, night time eating and more. And we will support you through the process on-going in person or globally by Skype or FaceTime meetings. Sometimes you just need perspective and a good friend to make a change.

Elder Training

We offer specific programs to help individuals in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s counteract some of the challenges of aging. We offer flexibility, balance and gentle life-related strength work to create a better and safer quality of daily life for Elders.

Bridal Training Blast

Do you have 4 months or less until your wedding or a family member’s wedding and you need to get into shape fast? We offer specifically designed intensive Bridal Training to get you lean, strong and looking your best for that special day.

For more information on any of our health-related services, please contact us.