Down With “Website Hostaging”

A Note From Ms. Didi*

Goddess Projects believes that no one should hold your website hostage.

Most of us just need an Internet Presence so that we can

(1) be found and

(2) attract the people we want to find us.

I think it’s despicable that so many web designers take advantage of you and charge more for what you need and force you to have what you don’t want.

Check Out The Goddess Projects Easy Start-Up Web Package to get your website up and running quickly, easily, affordably, and you have complete control of all of your website!

I had a really sweet deal for YEARS with the very, first website for my very, first business!  Well, the website development business went in the direction of all big things and the barbarians have found ways to treat us all like crap!  So, back in the Frontpage days, I taught myself to edit and build quick and easy websites to address the needs of the regular people like me, who don’t need big corporation websites or the evil, web lords who charge too much for something simple.

Recently, my dear, webmaster friend passed away at a-too-early-age. His business partners HELD MY WEBSITE HOSTAGE for almost a year with a “virus” that if I wanted my site to be functional, I would have to pay them a ridiculous amount of money to “find and fix” the problem — that I accuse them of placing in my site in the first place.  No more on that, as I have a law suit against them pending.