Client Sites

FitSpine NYC
Complete Site Redesign & Management

Goddess Projects completely redesigned Dr. Leder's DNFT Chiropractic website with a more efficient & affordable hosting platform that fully meets his needs.

Services included rewriting text; logo and graphics design; & office management integration programs.

M. Drue Williams
Total Site Design for Client Management

Goddess Projects designed this actor and artist's website from its initial inception for Ms. Williams to maintain herself.

Services included media organization and optimization; automatic maintenance reminders; mailing list; and cloud services.

Venue 36
Complete Site Design

Goddess Projects designed and maintained this site for the duration of the business' existence.  This is a scaled-down version of a simple website created to quickly relay information.

Services included graphic design, image & media optimization;  mailing list services; and content management.

The Lean Technique

Goddess Projects completely redesigned the site for information simplicity and to make it easy to read and responsive for all devices. 

Services included image optimization, newsletter writing, and full migration to a more cost-effective & efficient hosting service.

Uncle Al's Shoe Repair

Goddess Projects completely redesigned this site for full-responsiveness & rapid loading.

We created a more efficient & affordable hosting platform; organized & optimized images; wrote articles for the blog; and carefully chose simple programs for Uncle Al's 13-year old grandson to be webmaster.

Westfall Music Group
Complete Site Redesign & Upgrade

Goddess Projects completely redesigned this site with a cleaner, more professional, dynamic look and for client self-management.

Services included graphics, image and media
optimization;  mailing list services;
and maintenance reminders.

Dr. O ~ Medical Marijuana
Full Site Design & Management

Goddess Projects designed & fully maintained this site. Services: newsletter writing; project consulting & development; cloud services; document production; and maintaining resources associated with the practice and HIPAA compliance. Doc O is no longer a client. Case-sensitive, access site password: evolve