Tax Preparation Services

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The Westfall Music Group provides tax preparation and counseling services especially designed for self employed individuals.

Presently, the company provides services for musicians, dancers, models and other self-employed artists who have gained from the following features and benefits of the service:

Experience in tax return preparation includes Mr. Culpepper’s two (2) years as a tax specialist with a well known accounting firm ( and thirty-three (33) years of preparing Individual Federal and State Tax Returns.

Over the last twenty (20) years he has been employed by some of the largest companies and banks (i.e.: Time Warner, Ernst & Young, Chemical/Chase Banks, etc.) in their finance/accounting related departments.

Fee(s) include not only tax preparation but also one (1) full year tax of free consultation.

Being a full-time self-employed musician and business owner, Mr. Culpepper is keenly aware of the different scenarios an artist/self-employed individual may face and the implications those occurrences may have on their tax situation.

Tax tips and strategies for a full year are provided which may increase an individuals tax refund or reduce their tax liability at tax time.

Representation of the tax client(s) if and/or when the Federal and/or State tax authorities have a question(s) re the returns which have been prepared by myself and company.

Because the company maintains no storefront office to maintain or elaborate advertisements to pay for (as do larger firms such as H. & R. Block and other CPA firms), many of my clients save from 15 to 45% in preparation fees.