Since When?

Terence Culpepper

Since When? was formed by guitarist, bassist and composer Terence Culpepper whose music is a fusion of jazz, rhythm & blues and Brazilian styles which reflect the range of influences he has been exposed to throughout his musical career.

The first demo contained two original songs produced by Eric J. Smith which will appears their first CD, which was released in November, 2008. The first selection, “The Ocean”, is a dreamy love song with sensual overtones which features guest musicians Sali Oguri on vocals and Roger Byam on reeds. They both appear again on “I Think of You”, an up-tempo Brazilian song influenced by the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Says Mr. Culpepper:

“This song was originally intended to be a somber bossa nova piece, but after I heard a more up-tempo arrangement of the song, I began to hear the possibilities of it being more of a joyous celebration of love and playful passion!”

Since When? also performs arrangements of songs written or performed by the artists who have influenced Mr. Culpepper’s own compositional style which includes Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sade, The Rippington’s and others. Remarks Mr. Culpepper on his approach to covering other composer’s songs: “When we begin to do another composer’s song, I don’t want the audience to recognize the song until about the 16th to 24th bar!”

The music of Since When? is an alternative to today’s music with lyrics which tell a story and arrangements simple in form but layered with the full potential today’s electronic possibilities. The lyrical melodies combined with rhythms flavored by a fusion of diverse influences will leave listeners with a sense that they’ve been part of a new musical renaissance in the making.

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