About The Westfall Music Group

The Westfall Music Group was created in 1995 in New York, New York. Today, The Company operates as a sole proprietorship founded by musician, composer and producer Terence Culpepper.

The Company is a unique music production organization established out of Mr. Culpepper’s love of jazz music, and his dedication to locating and producing new talent. Focusing primarily in the contemporary jazz and rhythm and blues (“R&B”) music industries in the U.S., the Company is a specialized entity whose purpose is to produce qquality music for contemporary music fans throughout the world.

The Westfall Music Group has recently expanded its focus to address and support the development of emerging new talent, nurturing the creative flow and harnessing that artistic energy into an artistically viable form of entertainment. The company is committed to artists and the promotion of their commercial growth through aggressive, effective marketing techniques.

The Westfall Music Group has recognized the presence of musicians from other countries living in New York and has provided assistance in the areas of promotion, advertising, marketing and booking to those who are striving to gain additional exposure and recognition for their talents.